International Association of 
Equine Dentistry

Code of Conduct

Membership in the IAED brings with it certain responsibilities and also a requirement to adhere to the following code of conduct.

As members, we have chosen to work with integrity according to the IAED’s standards. Membership in the IAED can be suspended or revoked by the IAED Board of Directors if a serious breach of this code is confirmed through an investigation by the IAED Board of Directors. Members should:
  • Strive to perform equine dental procedures to meet the IAED standard of practice, as set out in our IAED Performance Guidelines.
  • Strive to help horses, their owners, trainers, and riders through the excellent performance of equine dentistry, by improving the horse’s health, comfort, and well-being.
  • Strive to help horses by educating horse owners and enthusiasts about the importance of equine dentistry.
  • Help horses, themselves, and our entire profession by continuing their education to improve their knowledge and skill in performing equine dentistry. Members must meet the continuing education requirements set by the IAED Board of Directors.
  • Promote fellowship among horse owners, equine dental technicians, and veterinarians by conducting a fair and honest practice, avoiding fraud, misrepresentation, or deceit, and by sharing our knowledge and horsemanship with a spirit of cooperation.
  • Not slander or unjustly injure the professional standing or reputation of their peers, other equine dental professionals, or their clients.
  • Avoid compromising a veterinarian-client or veterinarian – client-technician confidentiality relationship that they have entered.
  • Conduct their professional activities in accordance with the laws governing their profession, or accepted practices of the state, province, territory, or country in which they are working.
  • Avoid taking action that pressures, coerces, or achieves agreement among members to conform to a fee schedule or to fix fees.
  • Conduct their practice and dental procedures with the utmost humane consideration of the horse.

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