About Us

The IAED has members in 29 different countries providing professional Equine Dental Services to the equine industry. These members are veterinarians, non-veterinarians, students, and associated members that all have a specific interest in Equine Dentistry. They strive to stay current through continuing education and work collaboratively with veterinarians and all other equine professionals for the betterment of all equines.

Due to the international nature of the association, members work together to improve knowledge and service to the equine industry throughout the world. Almost any show or large industry-based gathering of horses will have a varied number of attendees that have been serviced by an IAED member. The IAED uses scientific-based evidence and peer-reviewed equine dentistry techniques to maintain an IAED Certification Standard. This Standard is the foundation for our independent and blind Certification Examinations which include both written and practical exams. IAED Certified Members have proven their skills to be of the highest caliber and are required to maintain their Certification by attending continuing education lectures and workshops.

Industry leaders, vendors, and speakers from around the world are invited to attend the IAED Annual Conference and Trade Show generally held in the first quarter of each year. IAED Workshops and Certifications are held throughout the year and are available upon request. Please contact us for more information.