Logo Use

The IAED logo and any other symbols belonging to the IAED are restricted in use to valid, current IAED members only. Members and non-members who are not Certified, or who have not maintained the requirements of Certification may not represent themselves as IAED Certified.

There are 3 versions of the IAED logo. Members may only use the logo version relevant to their current membership status i.e. Member (including of Regular, Student & Supporting), Certified Member, Certified Examiner.  The logo may be used for advertisement, stationary, charts and other material.

The logo is an “end-use” symbol only. It may not be used on items for resale.

Logo use may be restricted due to the results of a grievance decision.

Use of the logo requires the following statement accompany it on forms, stationary, and other printed matter. For Regular, Student & Supporting Members: “I am a member of the IAED, I hold myself to a higher standard,” for Certified Members: “I am a Certified Member of the IAED, I hold myself to a higher standard,”  and for Certified Examiners: “I am a Certified Examiner for the IAED, I hold myself to a higher standard”, as well as the web site address: www.iaedonline.com.”

If you see an non-member representing themselves as an IAED member, a non-IAED Certified person representing themselves as IAED Certified, or any fraudulent use of IAED logos, please send an email to info@iaedonline.com. We need contact information, and preferably a picture or scan of the example of misuse.

Current IAED members may email us to request a copy of a high-resolution file of the logo.