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Every year, the IAED offers educational opportunities through various programs and our annual convention. Please visit iaedonline.com/events to learn more and for registration links! The convention is an ideal time to learn about equine dental activities from experienced practitioners and veterinarians. If you are interested in learning more, please join us.

The following institutions offer education in equine dental techniques. These institutions are listed as a public service only. The IAED does not recommend or endorse general programs. We do recommend that your thoroughly research your decision before committing to any program and ask them if they teach the IAED standards. You should also research your region's statutes concerning non-veterinary equine dental services.

The Academy of Equine Dentistry Glenns Ferry, ID
The American School of Equine Dentistry, Purcellville, VA

For the most up to date laws and direct readings, please contact the vet board in the state you wish to work. International information should be available from your Veterinary Associations.

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